Card of the Day – 3 of Wands – Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

In four more days, we will experience the final eclipse of the Virgo-Pisces series as a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. So, how ready are you? This allows you to close out a phase and begin anew in a particular area. The 3 of Wands is a card of looking toward the future, especially in a preparatory manner. Yesterday’s King of Swords saw you organizing and prioritizing; today’s 3 of Wands shows you turning your back on something. This new phase will begin at the New Moon and take you through late May, early June. Yes, that is your future off in the distance and it is drawing nearer day, by day; “Your ship is coming in” is a catchy phrase which fits quite well.

There is no sorrow here, remember that; it is another leg of your journey, and life never stays the same forever. This will be…

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