Finding Feathers


I find feathers everywhere. All the time. There will be some days I find three or four.  Feathers are little messages from our spirit guides and/or angels. They could also be a message from a loved one who has recently passed.

I keep the feathers I find.  They’re all in a little bowl I filled with sand. Some people put them in a special box or jar.

Sometimes, I will ask for a “sign” from spirit and finding a feather is my sign.  Or I’ll be thinking about something, wondering if it’s going to work out this way or that way, or how I should handle it…and I’ll find a feather.  My spirit guides letting me know I am not alone and they are helping me through whatever problem I’m going through.

Finding feathers are like finding messages from the other side.  Messages that you are okay, that you are…

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