When Mandrake and Belladonna come to visit (Part III)

The Rose and Thistle

fullsizeoutput_d6cSunday (The day after): In my previous post I mentioned storing the ointment in a cool, dark place till the next Dark Moon. Well, the best place that matches that specific criteria is my cauldron! It has the added bonus of symbolising the chthonic womb of the Dark Mother, as well as being the receptacle for the seeds of initiation. I see the flying ointment as a creature of Art born from this union, ready to guide me on my quest for gnosis.

After labelling the jars, I place them in the cauldron and add some cemetery dirt. The cemetery dirt represents the spirits of the dead who will help me on my journey across the hedge. (I collect cemetery dirt during the waning moon and I always leave a small offering as thanks to the spirits of the dead). Sometimes I substitute the cemetery dirt with dirt from a crossroad…

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