The Magic Of Palm Trees

WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic


GENDER:  Masculine & Feminine

GENUS:  Arecaceae


Palm trees are some of the biggest stars here in Hollywood. Everyone wants to see these exotics, and with their firework display of foliage reaching towards the the sky – it’s no surprise that palm trees have deep roots in magic. One of the few plants which actually represents both the masculine and feminine, palm trees are also depicted in Tarot behind the High Priestess – one of the most powerful figures in the Major Arcana. And speaking of it’s Hollywood appeal, ancient Romans layed out the leaves and branches as a sort of “red carpet”  for soldiers returning from battle. Egyptians even consider it the tree of life.


In magic this tree also represents aspiration, protection, expansion, fertility, vitality, unity, honor, and truth. It is a pleasant symbol in dreams as well, symbolizing resurrection and rising above obstacles. Assigned to the…

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