TAROT HACK: Deck Rebalancing Spell

WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic

Last week, I taught you a great herbal hack for getting in tune with tarot decks that leave you feeling disconnected from your readings and this week’s hack is definitely in the same vein, but a little different. Have you ever had a particular deck that you can’t seem to read reversed cards well with? Say you pull the Wheel Of Fortune card – a notoriously lucky card when pulled from a deck in the upright position, but you really are having nothing but bad luck at this time in your life. If this is the case, you’re probably wondering why you didn’t pull the reversed Wheel Of Fortune tarot card, which is always an omen of bad luck. I’m not totally sure why this happens in readings, but I attribute it to several things… sometimes it is our own doubt weakening the cards, sometimes we project what we want to…

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