Honey Instead of Vinegar

The Spirit Garden

There is so much anger in the world.  I cannot pretend that I am never angry.  It is a natural emotion that is bound to occur.  However, we condemn our success when we try to convert people to our ways of thought through the use of anger and shaming.  Yesterday I heard someone shame every Christian who eats meat.  The anger, shaming, and mockery have polluted facebook lately due to political controversy.  There are mommy shamers who are quick to point out “bad mothers” on the basis of a different parenting style or the inability to be perfect.   There are people who treat overweight people like targets for insults allegedly hoping that hurtful comments will inspire heavy people to get into shape.

There is a saying, “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”  Although I don’t know if that is true in a literal sense, it definitely applies to convincing people…

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