3 Herbs That Will Make Your Magic Last Longer

WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic

Have you ever wished that your potion or elixir you made lasted a little longer? Or have you ever done a ritual and all the magical energy you invoked seemed to konk out before you got your desired outcome? Well, there are several herbs that can help with that!



My favorite of these herbs is lavender. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to find a flower I liked better. With it’s calming scent and intricate foliage, this herb is great for adding to any mixture for added longevity.



Lesser known than the previous, life-everlasting is a flower that does just that! This herb is stronger than lavender, so use these for spells or concoctions meant to have a lasting effect for years to come.



Echinacea’s main magical purpose is to strengthen spells. Similar to ginger in this effect, echinacea gives added power to…

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