When is my magic the most powerful?

WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic

Waiting for the perfect time to launch your magic into the world? Well, your intuition has led you to the right place! There are certain times when our magic has greater potential and power, so it’s smart to be mindful of them. Generally, these are always very powerful times to perform big-time magic…

  • A full Moon is one of the best times to perform any kind of magic. And it is super reliable, since it comes around at least once a month!
  • The day of the week you were born holds your highest planetary energy. So if you were born on Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, your natural abilities would be higher on Wednesdays than on any other day of the week. The one exception to this rule is Sunday’s child. People born on Sundays will always have a heightened position of power, as Sundays are ruled by the Sun, which…

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