Power Hand VS Sensing Hand

WITCHING OUT - The Beginner's Guide To Modern Magic

Besides our minds, our hands are the most important organic tools we have to use in practicing magic. Whether you are charging items with your intention, picking flowers, stirring a potion… using the correct hand makes a big difference in the way you are allowing energy to flow!

Your power hand, also know as the “sending hand,” is the hand you use to send and direct energy. It is, basically, your built-in magic wand. Your power hand is your dominant hand, the hand that you favor, the hand that you write with. If you are a right-handed person – your power hand is your right hand. If you are a left-handed person – your power hand is your left hand. This is the hand you should use for anything your are creating or putting out into the world like projecting energy, stirring mixtures, grinding herbs, etc.

And in turn, your

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