Contemplating my mortality 


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The tradition of Another year older
#birthdays has its roots in sources as diverse as pagan beliefs, ancient Greek texts and German children’s celebrations of the 1700s. Just as various cultures celebrate birthdays differently — the Chinese tradition of eating long noodles and breaking open the Mexican birthday pinata — people from around the world put their own linguistic spins on this special day. In #Jamaican #Rastafarian culture and derivations of the Patois language, “#earthstrong” refers to your date of birth.
The Development of a Language
#Earthstrong and other Rasta-influenced words come from a long linguistic history. Rastafarians between the 1950s and 1990s developed their own version of the English dialect Jamaican Creole or Patwa, a language that chiefly developed from the interaction of British colonists and African slaves in the 17th century. The Rastafarians’ language is known as “#Iyaric,” and, as Ras…

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