Pronged Debt Spell

This is a combination reduce/banish the debt spell plus a money attraction spell plus a protection spell from more debt while we are working to pay it all off.

Materials needed:

Debt reduction part:
+Book to keep track of finances (i already had one made for us)
+Green Paint Sample
+Green Crystal (any, even green glass)
+Quartz Point

Debt protection part:
White candle
Black Pipe Cleaner
Fire safe container

Money Attraction Spell jar part:
+Small vial with cork lid and eyelet screw
+Hand full of change (or as much as you can get your hands on)
+Amethyst Chips
+Peridot Chips
+Green Glitter
+Citrine Chips.

Begin your circle however you please. I prayed to my main God (The Emerald God) as emeralds are associated with wealth. After offering him a prayer i lit some incense and as i blew out the fire said aloud:

“As i blow out the flames so shall my debt go up in smoke”

Move to your small tealight candle, place it in your fire proof container and place the black pipe cleaner around it in a circle making sure to tie the ends together.
Light the candle and say:

“As i light this candle i will be protected from my debt further expanding.”

Let the candle burn as you continue with the rest of the spell.

Put your coin change in a circle around your small vial/bottle/jar so that it forms a sort of “nest” and say:

“As i charge and prepare this bottle wealth will be drawn towards me”

Now you can make a sigil specifically for you and your circumstances.
Once you are done creating it write it onto your green paint sample. Hold it HIGH over the fire (far enough away that it doesn’t catch fire but still gets the smoke on it.) (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODS PRACTICE FIRE SAFETY or use an alternative) the smoke from your debt protection candle will charge your sigil. Take the Sigil and glue it into your budget planning book. place green crystal/glass on top of book with quartz point to help charge the intent.

From there begin prep for your spell bottle:

**Bottom layer- Amethyst: to set the ground work as a stable base ( to “start from the bottom and work your way up”)
**Middle layer- Peridot and green glitter: Peridot for wealth/money, glitter for more money attraction.
**Top layer- Citrine: to keep the money coming once it gets there.

Extra: I didn’t have an oil base to put in with it so i put my spit into it to make it personal. you do not have to do this if you do not want to or you may substitute something else personal if you’d like (hair, nails ect)
From there glue the cap into the bottle to seal it and then blow out your tea light for debt protection and dip your bottle into that wax sealing it further. From there string your green pipe cleaner through the eyelet screw and wrap the ends around to form a circle to represent the circle of continuous wealth.

Say a “prayer” of thanks and ask them to continue to help guide you through this and help you make the right choices.

Close Circle.
and there you have it.