Nemesis Spell Work

Nemesis: To Get Rid Of A Difficulty (Ritual)


Nemesis is the Greek goddess of destiny, but also represents divine anger against mortals who break moral laws or taboos. She is often pictured as pitiless and unrelenting, signifying the need to submit to a will greater than one’s own. She was often shown with a wreath on her head, an apple in her left hand, and a bowl in her right. There is, when working with her, always the need to bow to the inevitable, to accept a greater wisdom than our own limited vision allows.

When we are really troubled by our own intransigence or that of someone else, Nemesis gives us the space and the wherewithal to work things out, and do what must be done. She allows us to accept responsibility for our own actions.


Black candle

Patchouli/orange oil



Empower the candle by rubbing it with the oil. Light the candle.

Slice the apple across the middle in order that the pentagram seen in the arrangement of the pips is revealed.

Rest the apple next to the candle.

Explain everything about the problems you have to the goddess in your own words. Then say:

The sign of justice is the scales. Goddess of destiny I ask that you take this problem And weigh it in those scales, If I be lacking, correct me and show me the solution. If I have created it, unravel the dilemma. If there is no blame then cleanse the record.

If the solution is not in my hands, then show me what must be done. If there can be no resolution, then free me from the pain. Work now thy wisdom and give me peace. This I ask of you.

Now take time to meditate on the ritual you have just carried out. Pick up the apple and contemplate the perfection of the arrangement of the pips. Take note of all the thoughts which go through your head and any decisions that you may come to.

After the meditation, put the thoughts and decisions in order and then think about them logically. The answer should soon become apparent, but only act when you are ready.

Allow the candle to burn out then bury the apple, bearing in mind that all things are cyclical and that the world consists of growth, decay and regeneration.