Binding Rituals

One of the best and most effective spells that I know is a binding. When the Gainesville murders held this area in a state of panic and fear in 1990, and 5 of the most grisly murders all took place in a series of a week. I organized women into the streets with our drums and chants for the national media because I did not want the whole world watching, which they were, and for my town to be a place where women hide and do not call out their abusers.
I turned the rest of the Rally over to more above ground NOW type groups that like to deal with the media .and then gathered the witches I knew who were strong and fearless. We did a very simple ritual binding. on the banks of the lake nearest the University of Florida Campus.
This spot actually had served us well years earlier when Z Budapest[who was visiting] and I called a circle of some 30 or more women to bind the “gold toothed rapist” as he was called, who had at that point raped at least 13 women and particularly those who worked at a local Women’s Health Center nearby. Thirteen days later, he was caught, tried and jailed..It is never wrong to defend ourselves in this way and you never shoot a fly with a cannon. Even though a binding is not about harm, you don’t ever want to do this to someone or group unless you are totally sure that they are in fact doing evil and harmful things.
I raised my Athame [Ritual Blade] to begin our work and a local cop stopped to see what I was doing. I was nervous when I saw him coming over but I think at this point, the whole town was so terrorized that when I told him that we were asking that the murderer be bound and found and brought to justice,.he actually smiled at me. I told him that. we are all trying to help…and away he went.
Such is the power of women doing ritual with an important mission!
We brought a black candle [this is the color for stopping something negative] as a focus into the center of the circle. Bleeding women were asked to consecrate it with their menstrual blood. as this has long been considered a most potent element. Those who were not bleeding were asked to use urine if they had any or to literally pee on the candle [all this is optional of course]. The main part of the ritual was simply focussing on the words and metaphor “May he/they be bound and found brought to justice by their own stupidity and arrogance,”
Bound and Found we chanted over and over with such might and intensity. There were probably 30 or so of us seeking the Goddess Hecate’s efforts on behalf of the women of this area. Heacte is the protector of women, Goddess of the Crossroads and generally the Lady who takes care of such business!
The last body had been found decapitated the night before so we were really serious and yet kept hate and murderous wishes from our own psyches as that was essential. Binding is always a good alternative to violence as you are binding the behavior rather than wishing ill. Revenge is always wrong!
As our pitch increased we began tossing a ball of black yarn weaving a web for him to be caught. We knew the police had really botched a lot of the forensics since Mercury was Retrograde at the time and that tends to confuse and obviscate matters. We knew that we needed to make this really simple for the police and literally have him dropped on their doorstep so that was what we visioned.
Bound and Found and deposited to the police. Gainesville Florida is free of violence against women so mote it be!!!
We didn’t know quite what had happened at first but the murders stopped that night never to begin again.
We later discovered that Danny Rollings,the murderer, attempted some poorly planned and arrogant bank heist nearby and got himself locked up that very night.
There he was bound and found but the police didn’t even know that they had the murderer for weeks! Eventually they discovered that they had him in a nearby town’s jail and he was tried and ultimately put to death.
I don’t ordinarily favor such things but I was not at all sorry to see him go.
Most bindings are not of such an intense nature or cause. and you always should make sure you are only doing one if it is absolutely necessary to insure the health and safety of you or a loved one or the planet. You don’t know how many times we burnt Bush in ritual fires to stop his insanity.
Remember the rule “Do What Ye Will and Harm None”
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