To Promote Fidelity Spell

To Promote Fidelity

To Promote Fidelity
Monogamy is a highly regarded practice in our culture. Society, under the strong influence of Christianity, favours a single monogamous relationship between one woman and one man for their lifetime.
Now let’s take a look at reality.
The majority of human beings are not naturally monogamous. They will have several sexual encounters and partners in a long life. There are people who will favour sexual partners of the same sex, people who favour sexual partners of the opposite sex, or even people who will seek both types of contact.
Some may live a polyamorous lifestyle openly and with the blessing and even participation of their partners; while others may try in vain to live up to the strict moral codes of a particular religion or society by adhering to a monogamous lifestyle. More often than not, these people will wind up having secret affairs, lying to their partners, and concealing their activity. It’s this type of situation and these people to whom this spell is aimed.
For this particular spell we need the energy of the two of cups—the couples card; which emphasizes partners, pairs, and doubles.
Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
Colours: two red figure candles of the appropriate sex for your situation and one black votive candle
Herbs: nutmeg, cumin, rhubarb, skullcap, liquorice—the root, not the candy, clover, chickweed
Stones: selenite
Oil: sex oil
Incense: rose
Tarot Card: two of cups
Just a note before we begin:
Of all the herbs listed above, the one herb that must be added to this spell is nutmeg. I’ve found nutmeg to be the strongest of all the herbs for promoting fidelity. As to the stones listed for candle spells, place them upon your altar to lend their energy to your spell crafting.
What to do:
1. Cast a circle.
2. Light your incense.
3. Anoint the black votive candle with sex oil and roll it in a mixture of the herbs. But don’t light it yet.
4. Carve your name on one of the red figure candles and your partner’s name on the other candle.
5. Anoint both red figure candles with the sex oil—slowly, languidly, with intention, emotion, and passion. Take as long as you need at this task in order to raise emotion and energy for the spell.
6. Line the candles up on you altar, with the small black votive candle between the two figure candles.
7. Write the following spell on the two of cups tarot card, and recite it aloud three times:
“As these candles burn
In flames of three,
My partner shall be faithful,
Only unto me.”
8. Burn the tarot card, using the flame of the black candle to ignite it. Be sure to have a fireproof receptacle close by to drop it in.
9. Allow the candles to burn themselves out.
10. Gather the ashes of the tarot card, the remnants of the spell candles, and the stones. To these items add personal effects belonging to you and your target. Personal effects include such things as locks of hair, fingernail clippings, a piece of cloth with body secretions upon it, a signature, photo, etc. Place all of these things together in a red bag and keep it in a secret place where it will not be discovered.