When you are out and about, practise channelling your intention through your “inbuilt magick wand”.

  • Point it at objects you want and say, “I want that one!”
  • Draw a symbol, such as a heart, on the cup of a loved one with your fingertip.
  • Write the name of a loved one in the air.
  • Get used to “activating” energy flow from your pointed finger, forming an intention in your mind, having that become a feeling in your body, a feeling of energy building, and then let it rush out through your finger, pointing that energy in the direction of that which you wish to change, or influence, or activate, or imbue with your purpose.
  • Do this with both hands – let them take turns. Magicians should be ambidextrous. It’s important.

Also, practise REVERSING THE FLOW – drawing things into yourself. Nourishing energy from a pretty thing, or a precious thing; from a person, from food, from water, from your environment, from a book, from a CD – try EVERYTHING.