The history of White Magick and its spiritual practices date back to ancient times, when people realised and learned that they could manipulate the conscience mind utilising the natural forces of the universe to bring about a greater good for all of humanity. History tells us that is was the ancient Celts, whose religion was Pantheistic, meaning they worshiped many aspects of the creative life source, worshipped both the Gods and the Goddesses.

The religious beliefs and practices of the Celts grew into what later became known a Paganism, derived from the Latin word Paganus, meaning “country dweller.” This outgrowth was consistent with the Celts’ love for the land and their holding such things as the oak tree and mistletoe sacred.

After North America was discovered and Europeans began migrating to the new land, witchcraft came into practice by some of the early, colonial settlers. Since it had previously been branded as “demon-worship,” witchcraft was forbidden throughout the North American colonies. Despite this order, some colonists secretly practiced witchcraft knowing they would be hanged or burned if they were caught. It has been said that certain rituals performed by early American witches helped shield their settlements from attacks by Native Americans.

Here we are in the 21st Century, and magic and the practice of witchcraft is alive and well. While we are all familiar with the term “Black Magic”, “White Magick” is completely the opposite. White Magick is the practice of intentional spell workings and rituals harnessing the universal powers of all that is good and that will bring a positive end result, harming none.